A general context of transformation and change, can imply quite some important changes for your teams in your company as well.

The capability of a company to absorb these shifts and changes depends on the solidity of its processes and leadership.
Structural recurring issues will impact the agility of companies to react and adapt and to manage transformations and large innovation projects.

What we propose with enter the blue,
is to increase the adaptive intelligence of your company and leadership:

diagnose 'hot' topics, blocking situations, contexts, processes


treat problems at the level of their rootcause rather than its symptoms

mend structural as well as punctual malfunctioning in your company

Symptoms of a lack of blue: 

When it is rather the automatic intelligence that takes a hold and you loose the capacity for fully exploiting your adaptive intelligence :

Stress, demotivation, absenteeism and burn-outs

Conflict-driven collaborations and emotions-driven communication

 Difficult unstable decision taking, leading to incoherence for teams

Lack of agility and adaptation



Lack of forward thinking, initiative, even lack of engagement and personal responsibility

Rigidity and resistance to change

Lack of ownership (of failures), hiding failures


Complaints, dissatisfaction