We enable leadership teams to boost their performance,
thanks to a passionate and adaptive leadership.

We coach and consult leaders at 3 levels,
based on the latest insights of neurosciences:


Individual executive coaching 

"Coaching leaders to develop an improved management of their emotions and automatic modes of functioning.  

Develop their passion and their potential for adaptive decision taking in complex situations."


The leader in his relation to others

"Developing a leadership posture stimulating adaptive intelligence and behaviour with others.

Creating the ability to create the team trust required for optimal performance."


The leader and his organisation

"Optimise the design and processes of the organisation to stimulate adaptive behaviour, ownership and passion.  

Organise for a coherence between decision power and responsibility. Optimise role definitions, accountabilities, delegation rules and information flows."


Leadership in a
volatile fast paced world 
requires an adaptive

what we call a blue mindset
and company culture.


Tapping on the most recent learnings of neurosciences,
you understand how the human brain functions.  

This allows you to develop a culture of performance
based on passion and adaptive leadership.  


Enter the blue…means actively switching to your adaptive intelligence.

Your adaptive intelligence helps you to retain an inner calm as you remain completely coherent.  You are able to access all your capabilities in stressful situations and with complex problems.  Your adaptive intelligence allows you to remain really open and curious, see all options and different points of view.  Start honestly from 'what is', see its advantages and disadvantages, think through the causes and consequences of a certain decision and consciously form your own opinion and express it in a serene way.
With a built out adaptive intelligence you have an opening and coherent leadership posture and communication style. You are able to take decisions in complex situations, where you take full ownership.
From tests with pilots in highly stressful situations we see that integrating the neuroscience-based tools for increasing adaptive intelligence indeed helps them to remain calm, coherent and hence more resourceful in difficult situations.
Add a little passion, and the increase in performance becomes natural and an intrinsic consequence of the passionate adaptive leadership we propose when "entering the blue".

If you would like to increase performance with
passion in an adaptive culture,
we invite you to enter the blue ...



Our team is composed by Jacques Fradin,
the neuroscientist who founded the Neurocognitive and Behavioural Approach,
and experienced executive coaches and consultants
schooled in this approach
with an extensive leadership experience at director levels. 

Diane Thibaut

Diane Thibaut

Building on 10 years experience in executive coaching and training, I have an extensive experience in accompanying leaders and leadership teams. Before that I lead highly specialised teams and was Head of Human Ressources.

Emmanuelle Vlieghe

After a previous career in audit, consulting and finance for more than 15 years with industrial and services multinationals, I have specialised in neuroscience based coaching and stress management.

Emmanuelle Vlieghe
Katrien Barrat

Katrien Barrat

Tapping on many years of senior strategic consultancy and change management, and a previous experience as director in larger companies and of my own company, I have become passionate about facilitating transformation in teams and companies to reach their full potential and redesigning organisations to solve today’s pressing problems.

Catherine Schwennicke

As a senior executive coach, I have extensively coached direction teams and CEOs.  I develop and give trainings on neuroscience and their application for personal and organisational development.

Catherine Schwennicke
Jacques Fradin, associate expert

Jacques Fradin, associate expert

Doctor of Medecine and Founder of the Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach, Jacques is a senior expert consultant with a vast experience in advising companies.

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